The Anti-Inflammaging Company join forces to fight chronic low-grade inflammation by promoting sport and health sciences, starting from athletes, to staff and sponsors, with the aim of helping the general population improve their lifestyle and habits.

The Anti-Inflammaging Company is the result of large-scale research developed over 20 years, which merges the skills of a qualified team of scientists from around the world, and is based on the study of the effects of Low-Grade Chronic Inflammation on our health.

A fact universally recognised by the scientific community is that more than 50% of all deaths can be attributed to inflammation-related diseases.


Over the years, The Anti-Inflammaging Company has consolidated its worldwide network of collaborations on the basis of selective science validation, constructing a scientific know-how that is unprecedented for this sector.

From this comprehensive global scientific and technological experience comes A-I Inside, a digital platform, which is able to profile users on the basis of scientifically-defined key information, and to then return personalised advice.

The sophisticated algorithms used by A-I Inside are one of the most effective means currently known with which to enable a healthy lifestyle and learn to protect our body on a daily basis.


Keep your daily habits balanced


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