We fight Low-Grade Chronic Inflammation,

the major cause of premature

deaths globally*


A-I is the name of the digital platform developed to provide the end user with information on how to lower the inflammation level of our body. The application is programmed to profile the user based on specific parameters and consequently provides an Inflammaging Score and tips aimed at improving the user’s lifestyle.


A-I can be integrated into existing products and services in B2B companies, which become the interface of contact with the end user. Companies can provide solutions for their users through comprehensive profiling, tracking them at any time, in any location, and continually offering tips and scores.

The world's first anti-inflammaging digital platform via API*


How A—I works

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1. Profile

Profile users by digital anamnesis to assess inflammation-relevant aspects of their lifestyle: Nutrition, Movement, Cognitive and Environment information and data. It can be integrated into any digital IOT source or device.

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2. Score

Calculate a personalized inflammatory score,

the A-I Index AGI®, by processing the user data with a proprietary algorithm based on Artificial Intelligence.

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3. Tips

Deliver personalized TIPS on movement, nutrition, environment and cognition

to reduce Low-Grade Chronic Inflammation, and give the opportunity to execute the suggested behaviour by linking product and service advertisements.