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Image by Max Kukurudziak


Sustainable Health

Our surroundings are amongst the most significant contributing factors to Low-Grade Chronic inflammation.

A focus on environmental and living conditions is key to fighting Low-Grade Chronic Inflammation and slowing down premature aging.


"Did you know that Bisphenol-A (BPA) is the main component of a lot of plastic bottles? BPA plasma levels are related to inflammatory markers. Try to replace your plastic bottles with an aluminum or glass water bottle!"

AI Expert Team

"Find out about the air quality where you do your physical activity. If it's not optimal, think about changing time or place. It's important for your health!"

AI Expert Team

"Getting the baby's room ready? Use a low emission paint. It's important for your baby's health!"

AI Expert Team

Image by Andrew Ly

Surround yourself with the right tools.

The Anti-Inflammaging Expert Community provides personalised science-based tips, to promote a healthy lifestyle and to fight Low-Grade Chronic Inflammation.

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