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Sustainable Health

What we eat and how we eat are some of the most significant contributing factors to Low-Grade Chronic inflammation.

A focus on nutrition and body composition is key to fighting Low-Grade Chronic Inflammation and slowing down premature aging.


"A good snack: 30g of dark chocolate everyday"
Source: Felicina Biorci, Nutritional Biologist

AI Expert Team

"Cook tomatoes to inhance the bioavailability of their nutritional benefits. Knowledge of food preparation is key in our health and eating habits"

Heinz Beck

"Avoid refined carbohydrates, they have been stripped of vitamins and minerals. Look for 'real' all-bran and whole-grain foods instead, as sometimes 'brown' options are just camouflaged as such!"

Michele Libutti

Image by Caju Gomes

Eat your way to a healthier you.

The Anti-Inflammaging Expert Community provides personalised science-based tips, to promote a healthy lifestyle and to fight Low-Grade Chronic Inflammation.

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