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AI (Anti-Inflammaging) is the name of the B2B2C digital platform developed to provide the end-user with tailored information on how to lower the inflammation level of their body. The application is programmed to profile the user based on specific parameters and provides an Inflammaging Score and personalized tips to improve the user’s lifestyle.

AI APIs or white label app can be integrated into companies' existing products and services, which become an additional interface of contact with the end-user. Companies can provide solutions for their users through comprehensive profiling, tracking them at any time, in any location, and continually offering personalized tips and scores in order to lower their inflammation.

Adaptable to your needs

Anti-Inflammage your users according to your preferences

Anti-Inflammaging API can be integrated in

Your app/s

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Anti-Inflammaging API services are


Profile users via a digital anamnesis to assess inflammation-relevant aspects of their lifestyle: Nutrition, Movement, Cognitive,  Environment, and other information and data. It can be integrated into any digital IOT source or device.

Anti-Inflammaging Score

Calculate a personalized inflammatory score, the AI score®, by processing the user data with a proprietary algorithm based on Artificial Intelligence.

Tailored tips for the users

Deliver personalized TIPS on movement, nutrition, environment, and other to reduce Low-Grade Chronic Inflammation, each with associated scientific evidence. Give the opportunity to execute the suggested behaviour by linking product and service advertisements.


See the interesting behaviors and characteristics of your community thanks to data analysis reports. 

Contents of tips and questions made by AI expert community


For healthy people who want lower inflammation




Best job for you

Warm (Sauna)

Women's health


Others on request


For people in convalescence who want lower inflammation

No medical recommendations about treatments of diseases provided



Post Oncology




For anyone who wants to be inspired and motivated


Try it out


Try Anti-Inflammaging API, report feedback and follow the company news


Anti-Inflammaging API

Integrate AI API into your digital products and services to anti-inflammage your people.

Decide who will use AI services and choose in which aspects of lifestyle the user will be anti-inflammaged by selecting the right contents for you

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Your brand and colors

Additional custom functionalities for you 

White Label app

Have your own app labeled and configured for your own brand.

The app will have the Anti-Inflammaging API and, in addition, it is possible to customize it with additional services: for example your company information and other type of services that you want made available to your community


An expert community providing original content for you

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Multidisciplinary content coming from experts of different backgrounds:

  • Movement

  • Nutrition

  • Cognition

  • Environment

  • Warm: sauna, Hammam

  • Cultural

  • and other

Want to anti-inflammage your community?