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Sustainable Health

Cycling is one of the most widespread forms of exercising and very effective in fighting Low-Grade Chronic Inflammation.

Riding a bicycle can be so much more than exercising. Researchers have found the inherent endurance of the sport and its adjustable intensity are traits that make cycling a perfect ally to reduce Low-Grade Chronic Inflammation.


"Adjustable intensity: one of the many reasons why Cycling is a great choice of exercise to reduce chronic inflammation"

AI Expert Team

"A good way to lose weight. Cycling for an hour burns about 650 calories. Even cycling 330 minutes a day for a year can burn over 100.000 calories, resulting in over 10 kgs of weight loss."

AI Expert Team

"Even mild cycling can improve your immune system by increasing production of essential proteins and waking-up lazy white cells."

AI Expert Team

Ciclismo su strada

Get a hold of your handlebars and get a handle on your health.

The Anti-Inflammaging Expert Community provides scientific support to the rider, offering lifestyle tips to ensure they are confidently pedalling away from Low-Grade Chronic Inflammation.

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