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Sustainable Health

Play to be a healthier human and be healthy to be a better player.

Research has shown that the benefits of playing tennis are not only limited to cardiovascular health, metabolic function and other physical attributes, but  extend to social and psychological benefits, making it a perfect ally to fight Low-Grade Chronic Inflammation.


"After a long match it is always highly beneficial to go through a session of contrast hydrotherapy, alternating short plunges in hot and cold pools. It reduces fatigue, decreases muscular soreness and removes excess lactic acid."

AI Expert Team

"During a match, between sets, eat dried fruits like dates and two teaspoons of honey."

AI Expert Team

"Things to look for in hydration during training: electrolytes, magnesium, calcium, zinc, selenium and vitamin C. It helps with the heart, muscles and cramp prevention. Hydration throughout the whole day is key."

AI Expert Team

Servire di tennis

Find the right spin for your lifestyle.

The Anti-Inflammaging Expert Community provides personalized scientific lifestyle tips to help tennis players stay on top of their health while staying on top of their game, lowering inflammation and preventing premature aging.

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