Who we are

We are the first company to fight Low-Grade Chronic Inflammation  — “the Secret Killer” — through an anti-inflammaging® ecosystem powered by a digital platform, which will strengthen the immune system, prevent diseases and premature aging, and will even help to contrast Covid-19*.


* Bonafè et al. Cytokine & Growth Factor Rev., 53, 33–37, 2020   https://doi.org/10.1016/j.cytogfr.2020.04.005    

From rare to everywhere


Rare diseases

Our long journey started in 2001 with Mondobiotech, a Swiss-based biotechnology company focused on developing human peptides as therapies for patients affected by rare diseases. This experience led to the creation of a first team of experts. Over the years, our research expanded to the field of genetics and the pinpointing of genetic factors, which can influence the performance, health and aging of the body.



In 2015, we reached the conclusion that lifestyle has the bigger impact on aging and health compared to genetics alone.


The secret killer


In 2018, specific studies on 
low-grade chronic inflammation began: we understood the strong relation between LCGI, inflammation-related diseases (cancer, heart diseases, Alzheimer’s, …) and premature ageing. We discovered that the best and safest way to lower LGCI is with anti-inflammatory behaviours in nutrition, ambient, cognition and movement.


The Anti—

Inflammaging Company

2020 sees the launch of The Anti-Inflammaging Company: a large, global research facility, which aims to fight inflammation-related diseases by outlining healthier lifestyles with which to strengthen immune defences.