Anti-Inflammaging Platform features

The A-I Platform allows clients to integrate the data created by the Experts in their existing Apps & Devices.

A-I doesn’t collect sensitive information of your users, all data exchanged between your existing App & Device

and the A-I platform are anonymous.

The content created by the Experts’ community is displayed through a Rich set of RESTfull JSON API.

Connecting the A-I API allows to integrate the contents inside all your apps and/or devices.

Cloud-Based solution to scale globally with Data Segmentation to split data across multiple managed data centers

Web Digital Platform for content providers to create and share anti-inflammatory tips

Content dataset can be personalized for specific audience and sectors

GDPR compliant. All data are anonymous and personal information is not managed by the system

Reporting & Export of data

Continuous growth of content from the Experts

Multiple Artificial Intelligence algorithms for Experts to help them creating and connect Tips and People Profiles

More Data, More Personalization. Data Ingestion API to receive anonymous and heterogeneous data from end-user app and device to enrich the user profile and predict the right contents to deliver

Flexible data retention plans

A complete review workflow to approve contents based on scientific evidence

A Community of Copywriter to translate content and for cultural adaptation