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We fight Low-Grade Chronic Inflammation, the major cause of premature deaths globally.

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AGI® Score
We built the first AI system that measures your level of Low-grade Chronic Inflammation

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The majority of the World Population is at risk of suffering from Low Grade Chronic Inflammation because of unhealthy lifestyle

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Healthcare economic impact of leading inflammatory diseases exceeds 2 trillion USD per year in the US alone

Source:       WEF

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Isolation and chronic stress:
close to
1 billion people with mental disorders

Source:       WHO


Disturbed sleep:
3.5 billion people

Source:       WHO

Image by Evgeny Nelmin

Physical inactivity:
1.4 billion people 
insufficiently active

Source:       WHO

Image by Brooke Lark

Poor diet:
close to
4 billion

Source:       WHO

Image by Maxim Tolchinskiy

Chemical and environmental  exposure: 99% of the world’s population living with high levels of pollution

Source:       WHO


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