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About AI-Science

Keeping the community
anti-inflammaged has become
a social responsability

AI-Science is the result of large-scale research developed over 20 years, which merges the skills of a qualified team of scientists from around the world, and is based on the study of the effects of Low-Grade Chronic Inflammation on our health.

Our Games

AI-Science API services are

Integrate AI API into your digital products and services to anti-inflammage your people. Decide who will use AI services and choose in which aspects of lifestyle the user will be anti-inflammaged by selecting the right contents for you

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Profile users via a digital anamnesis to assess inflammation-relevant aspects of their lifestyle: Nutrition, Movement, Cognitive,  Environment, and other information and data. It can be integrated into any digital IOT source or device.

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Calculate a personalized inflammatory score, the AI score®, by processing the user data with a proprietary algorithm based on Artificial Intelligence.

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Deliver personalized TIPS on movement, nutrition, environment, and other to reduce Low-Grade Chronic Inflammation, each with associated scientific evidence. Give the opportunity to execute the suggested behaviour by linking product and service advertisements.


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