Low-Grade Chronic Inflammation

The “Secret Killer”

Low-Grade Chronic Inflammation is a silent condition that goes unnoticed and can kill. A strong immune system helps fight viruses and bacteria. For this reason we devised an anti-inflammaging ecosystem which will distance people from diseases generated by inflammation and premature ageing.


The silent inflammation which keeps gaining momentum: 

It is linked to COVID-19 severity* cases

It is the major cause of premature

deaths globally**

Research of the past two decades led to the

discovery that low-grade inflammation is the common soil of many diseases and, thus, at the root of many deaths. Through its reduction of immune fitness, low-grade inflammation is also believed to be instrumental in the development of severe COVID-19 cases.

Known mechanisms

The research has moved beyond the level of merely associating the silent inflammation with many diseases and conditions. We now also know its  molecular origin: the NLRP3 inflammasome. The activation of this inflammasome starts a molecular cascade affecting virtually all organs.

Accelerates aging

Low-Grade Inflammation increases with aging, which is why the term inflammaging was coined about 20 years ago. Inflammaging goes not only along with an increased risk for many diseases, but also with frailty and cognitive decline. All together accelerates aging.

Chronic and not perceivable

In contrast to the beneficial acute inflammation that repairs and heals injuries and comes to a stop after having done its job, low-grade inflammation is not resolved. Unless counteracting measures are undertaken, the inflammation remains chronic and can act for decades - without becoming noticeable.


* Bonafè et al. Cytokine & Growth Factor Rev., 53, 33–37, 2020   https://doi.org/10.1016/j.cytogfr.2020.04.005       

** Furman et al. Nat. Med., 25, 1822–1832, 2019  



Examples of factors
influencing Low-Grade Chronic Inflammation


The Mediterranean lifestyle

Some modifiable lifestyle factors, such as poor diet and physical and cognitive inactivity, have been identified as being associated with an increase of Low-grade chronic inflammation.

Recent scientific studies have shown that the Mediterranean diet is the most effective food model for reducing cardiovascular risk and many other chronic diseases, such as tumors and neurodegenerative diseases. The Mediterranean Diet, a diet that inspires the daily habits of the populations of Mediterranean Europe, is low in foods of animal origin and high in those of plant origin, and is associated with protection from cardiovascular diseases, tumors and neurodegenerative diseases. It is our belief, as partly summarized here, that a judicious combination of exercise and dietary interventions will eventually deliver an optimal individualized regime for the maintenance of the best possible cognitive function over the lifespan of every individual.