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Shealthy App

To take care of healthy people.

To consider health a social responsibility for all communities. Every citizen has the right to a healthy life, and the health of citizens must always be the priority in all our initiatives.




Profile users via a digital anamnesis to assess inflammation-relevant aspects of their lifestyle: Nutrition, Movement, Cognitive,  Environment, and other information and data. 

Anti-Inflammaging Score

Calculate a personalized inflammatory score, the AI score®, by processing the user data with a proprietary algorithm based on Artificial Intelligence.

Tailored tips for the users

Deliver personalized TIPS on movement, nutrition, environment, and other to reduce Low-Grade Chronic Inflammation, each with associated scientific evidence. 


Users are rewarded in Shealthy-Coins with which they can purchase customized supplements and others.


Be Shealthy

An unmissable global event in which doctors, innovators, entrepreneurs and technologists, researchers in nutrition, cognition and movement, as well as ambient and prevention experts, come together in a wide-ranging, multidisciplinary dialogue.

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